A Humanitarian Emergency in Central America

A Humanitarian Emergency in Central America

God is Great
All praise to Him for his bountiful blessings! Today we praise Him especially for leading so many of you to respond generously to our appeal for Covid-19 relief. Through you, God raised $7,310.72 for food and masks in Central America

​In response to an ongoing recession dating back to April 2018, and a more recent rapid rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in Nicaragua, 516NOW made an appeal for funds to provide assistance to the people of Nicaragua. You responded in such a generous manner that we actually had enough money to provide assistance in two other countries where we are working as well – El Salvador and the Dominican Republic. We wanted to share with you the impact of your generosity.

In Nicaragua, we partnered with the American Nicaraguan Foundation to provide 150 relief packages with enough food for a family of five for two weeks. Three packages are to be distributed to each family over the course of three months for a total of 450 packages. We also have given away 2,000 face masks, which are in very short supply in the country.

Based on a family of five, we estimate that over the three months of this program in Nicaragua we will be supplying a total of 101,250 meals with a total retail monetary value of $9,081. But because of our work through the American Nicaraguan Foundation, our investment was only $3,250. As with the fishes and loaves, God was able to multiply the blessing of your generosity to this project.

In the Dominican Republic, 516NOW has given away 27 food relief packages in los Tumbaos (a community of Haitian immigrants), another 21 packages in Salinas (a very poor community) and 7 packages in Bani City for a total of 55 packages. Additional funds will be used for emergency relief for specific families

In El Salvador 55 packages of food were distributed in the poor neighborhood around the church that we have partnered with in San Salvador.

We understand that, compared to the scope of the situation in these countries, this is a small step. But it is a step. And 260 families have food that they did not have and, more importantly, hope for the future. Our prayer is the same as Isaiah’s prayer of 2,700 years ago that, “in Him, all the nations will put their hope.”

There are two ways you can continue to donate,
through our website or by check.

To donate online, click on the link below

Online: www.516NOW.org/give
​Please put Covid-19 in the comments section

To donate by check:

Please make your check out to 516NOW,
Put COVID-19 in the comment section, and mail to:
PO Box 1943
Spartanburg, SC 29304

What is God leading you to give?
$15 = 15 masks or food for 1 family
$150 = food for 3 families for 3 months
$1,500 = food for 33 families for 3 months
Want to give MORE? There is no limit to the need!

Who We Are

516NOW exists to help build holy, prosperous, sustainable communities.  We are inspired and driven by Matthew 5:16 – letting our light shine through good works so people will recognize and glorify their loving heavenly Father.  We remove obstacles that prevent people from seeing the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

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