An amazing experience


Reading: Luke 2:8-21

It is humble shepherds who welcome the King. All of creation should be worshiping the Child who has come to save us but the first to receive the news are a group of humble men from Israel.
They are not the wise, nor the powerful, nor the religious. It is they, the humble of heart, who are the first to approach the manger and contemplate the wonder of Jesus becoming man.
Although their first reaction when the angel appeared was to experience “great fear,” they were immediately surrounded by a heavenly choir announcing that the One who had come to bring peace and reconciliation to the world had been born.
Just as the angel had announced, they found the child in swaddling clothes in a manger, and they went out praising and glorifying God for all they had seen.
Luke tells us how, again and again, Zechariah, Mary and now the shepherds, receive an announcement from an angel, and in spite of this they keep a certain reserve, until the Lord fully fulfills what was announced. And then they praise and glorify the Lord.

MEDITATE: Can we identify with the shepherds in this story? Do we appreciate the wonder of the God who comes near to us?

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