Announcement of the Birth of Jesus

Announcement of the Birth of Jesus

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Luke 1:26-38
This is a very rich text from which we can learn a great deal. Let us think, first of all, of the young Mary, who is visited by Gabriel, the angel of the Lord.
Why her? when the angel appears before Mary and greets her, calling her “favored one”, “The Lord is with you” and “blessed”. At this we are told that Mary is “troubled,” that is, she is surprised, not only that there is an angel before her, but also that she is called in this way.
Mary fulfills some necessary (and announced) conditions to be the mother of the Messiah: she is a virgin (Is 7:14) and she is betrothed to Joseph (of the house of David, although it is believed that Mary could also be of the house of David). She was a young woman who loved the Lord, but in spite of this, she was an ordinary young woman, living in an unknown city (so unknown that she is not even mentioned in the Old Testament).
That is why she is surprised by the angel’s greeting. The Lord’s grace has favored her in an extraordinary way. This humble girl will carry in her womb the Savior of the World.
Although she does not understand, she is willing: When the angel tells her that she is to conceive a child, she naturally thinks how this will be possible (since she is a virgin). The angel then, tells her that it will be the work of the Holy Spirit. What did Mary think of this answer? How much did she understand what God wanted to do? And yet, her answer is precious: I am the handmaid of the Lord, I am ready for Him to do in me what He wills.

MEDITATE: Do we, like Mary, recognize that we have been chosen without deserving it? Do we embrace and love the Lord’s will for our lives?


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