Announcement of the birth of John the Baptist (1)

Announcement of the birth of John the Baptist (1)


Luke 1:5-25

Before telling us about Jesus (the main character of the Gospel) Luke tells us about John the Baptist and his miraculous birth.
This child is born in the home of two old persons (who had long prayed for a child and had not received that request). His father, Zechariah, was a priest and it was in the course of his work that he received the announcement of the son that he so desired and that surely at that point in his life he had resigned himself to not having.
We would like to observe some details to think about what the Lord did in the life of this marriage, Zacharias and Elizabeth.
Their testimony (v.6): We are told that both were faithful to the Lord, obedient to His Word. Although human and sinful as any of us, the family in which the prophet who will announce and prepare the coming of the Messiah is born is a devout family. In spite of the fact that they had not yet been parents (and they thought that was already impossible) they continued to serve God faithfully (v.8)
The sovereignty of the Lord: God chooses, to send the one who is going to prepare the way of the Lord, a family that can no longer have children. God makes it clear that He is the author of all this, without a doubt. The hand of the Lord is behind every detail (v. 8-9). And He Himself announces what He is going to do through this child (v.16).
The reaction of Zechariah: Although Zechariah had prayed for a son, and dreamed about it, the unique circumstances cause him to experience fear and unbelief. The sign and consequence of this is Zechariah’s dumbness. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the Lord’s plans, and to trust that what He does is the best.

TO MEDITATE: When we are going through situations that are difficult to understand, where God’s purpose is not so clear, do we remind ourselves that He is sovereign? Do we think that we are part of a greater plan, that transcends us?


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