The Temple Will Be Destroyed

What is the purpose for which the Lord proclaims these things? So that we may be confident that even in the midst of a seemingly confused and chaotic world, God is in control. Nothing happens outside of His will.


It has not been in vain

As I read this passage, I find so many similarities in our service to the Lord in the Dominican Republic. We arrived here practically without nothing, we face opposition from people who believed that
we were making a mistake, we lost the support of some churches, we arrived with fears, where we will live?, what we will do? But today, by the


God Leads His Work Ministry Report

This is like our personal experiences in the mission field, we know the general will of God, but nevertheless this
passage shows us that God guides his work and his people, BUT SOVEREIGNLY.


God Leads His Work

Acts 16:6-10 Paul and his companions traveled throughout the region of Phrygiaz and Galatia,a having been kept by the Holy…