Belize is the second smallest country in Central America and is located on the Northeast coast of Central America. Belize is bordered on the North by Mexico, on the East by the Caribbean Sea, and to the South and West by Guatemala. It was once claimed by both the British and the Spanish. The British prevailed and it became an official British colony in 1840. Independence from the United Kingdom was gained in 1981. It is the only country in Central America where English is the official language. Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language followed by Mayan languages and over half of the population is multilingual. Belize is socially, culturally and religiously diverse. 40% of Belizeans are Roman Catholic, 32% Protestants, and 15.5% claim no religious beliefs. There are small percentages of many other religions represented by Belizeans also.
There is great diversity in its marine ecosystems from offshore reefs and islands to the ecosystems of its jungles and its mountainous areas.
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Our micro-finance ministry was established to fill a gap that exists in many economies. While banks exist, they cater to the upper class of society and to large businesses. For many small business owners, their only option for capital is individuals, most of which charge exorbitant interest rates. Further complicating the situation, in some countries, banks are effectively controlled by political parties, limiting access to those who choose not to affiliate. Our micro-finance ministry provides small loans to people wanting to start a business or those that already have a small business and want to expand. We have helped fund everything from donut shops to jewelry makers to welders and seamstresses.

While we try to be faithful stewards and run the ministry efficiently, we also recognize that we demonstrate the love and grace of Christ in everything we do. Proceeds from the ministry are used to pay salaries of the manager/missionary and expenses. We have been blessed with a very low default rate and have been able to help hundreds of people start or grow their business.