Broadcasting to the World

Broadcasting to the World


Radio Resurreccion

Radio Stereo Resurreccion is 516NOW’s most far reaching ministry and God has been behind it every step of the way—opening doors to the idea and guiding us as we moved out in faith one step at a time. In 2010 John Barrett and David Rhodes were introduced to the pastor of a church in Palacaguina, Nicaragua by Jaime Blandon. That small, but thriving church was being forced out of the small house they had been renting.

John and David wanted to help and approached Milestones Church in Spartanburg, SC. A plot of land on the outskirts of Palacaguina was found. Milestones Church provided the funds to buy that land on which to build Resurrection Church.

In 2011, John, David, and a Milestones Church group went to Palacaguina and major progress was made on the construction of that new church building. In January of 2012, John, David, Jaime Blandon, and Scott Votey met with community leaders in Palacaguina (mayor, superintendent of schools, chief of police, and medical center director) and one of the goals on their list was the need for better local communication. Jaime noted that a Christian radio station could solve the communication problem for Palacaguina and provide music, teaching, and encouragement every day. That same year, having recognized the strategic position of the steep hill behind the church we began praying that God might give us this Mountain. As we prayed—we dreamed of how we could use this place for God.

Then Resurrection Church while still finishing their building and poor as most Nicaraguan churches are, raised the funds to buy this hillside. Doors for this radio ministry were opening one after another. Soon thereafter a group from Canada came to Palacaguina to assist and one of those men mentioned that he installed radio towers. Again, we find God opening doors for the radio ministry that has become Radio Stereo Resurreccion.

516NOW has continually been blessed as we seek to reach others for Christ and improve the life of this community.

[Part 2 in next newsletter]


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