Chapel Construction Nicaragua

El Peñasco Condega

In partnership with Resurrecction Baptist Church, we began the construction of a new chapel for a New church in el…

Chapel Construction DR

Sombrero Sombrero, Bani. DR

In this month we woll began the construction of the chapel for the bible school for our Haitian Churches we…

Knowing God Conference-Dominican Republic

Villa Majega Iglesia Sangre del Cordero, Bani, Peravia

This will be the third year that we hold our conference for pastors and leaders, under the Theme: Knowing God.

Nicaragua Mission Trip

Palacaguina, Nicaragua Palacaguina, Nicaragua, Palacaguina

Knowing God Conference-Nicaragua

Palacaguina, Nicaragua Palacaguina, Nicaragua, Palacaguina

Every year for 8 years we have our annual conferences for pastors and leaders in the city of Palacaguina. We…

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