It has not been in vain

As I read this passage, I find so many similarities in our service to the Lord in the Dominican Republic. We arrived here practically without nothing, we face opposition from people who believed that
we were making a mistake, we lost the support of some churches, we arrived with fears, where we will live?, what we will do? But today, by the


Emily September Update

We started classes the first week in September. I was very nervous the first day, but it went really well! As I mentioned in my previous update, I’m teaching two days a week in a Haitian church in a town called Sombrero, and the other two days in a church in Bani.


September 2021 Update Newsletter

Jaime has been busy since his arrival and has been instrumental in reaching out and helping churches in the DR. Jaime met with Pastor Freddy Custodio who had already begun four churches and one of them needed a floor and a roof. Jaime and 516NOW assisted in raising funds to complete that church building.


Emely Stader – August

Our last day of the trip we went to present a shorter version of the VBS program in the same church where my dad, my brother, and I helped to put a roof on the church building in February 2020 on my first mission trip to the DR.