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Sponsor a Child

Begun in 2013 to meet the needs of children whose families cannot afford to outfit them for school, this ongoing program provides uniforms, shoes, backpacks, and school supplies for local children. Not only are they outfitted for school, but their sense of worth and pride is increased and they are more likely to attend school regularly. In 2014, we have supported 99 children in Palacaguina.  Our 2015 goal is to support 200 children.

Organize a Trip

While money is needed to support the 516NOW mission, people willing to travel to target communities and lovingly serve the local people are just as important. Consider joining a service trip or organize your own! So far, church groups, high school students, college groups and mission-minded friends have taken advantage of this terrific opportunity to share Christ’s love with strangers. Retirees often find this kind of trip meaningful and groups made up exclusively of retirees are welcome!


God is at the heart of our mission and scripture assures us that prayer matters!

Add 516NOW to your daily prayer list and ask God to give us vision, wisdom and boldness as we serve Him throughout the world. Set an alarm on your phone or calendar for 5:16PM & pray with us!

In-Kind Donations

Needs are great and most any item can be of use in the communities we serve. For example, 516NOW is putting laptops into the hands of needy pastors and into schools.  If you have a reasonably functional laptop you’re no longer using, we can find a new home for it.  Our volunteer technicians will clean the hard drive, load the necessary software and then our team will put them in the hands of good stewards who will enrich the community with their use.  All donations are tax deductible

Introduce Us

As our mission model revolves around local connections, we are always looking for the next local leader. We target rural communities which are open to God’s message, ready and willing to work toward economic stability and community health at multiple levels. Our primary contacts will be fully committed Christian leaders who align with our vision of sustainable development as a channel for spiritual development. If you know such a person, please introduce us so we can assess the potential of working together.

Volunter in USA

Contact us here or at [email protected].

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Corporate Suport

Contact our President John Barrett.

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