Jesus heals the sick


Reading: Luke 4:38-41

After proclaiming his identity as the Messiah of God the Lord Jesus shows his authority and power by healing the sick.
In this passage he heals, first of all, Peter’s mother-in-law, who after being completely healed by the Lord, served, full of gratitude, Jesus and his own.
At sunset the Sabbath ends, and then many come to Jesus carrying the sick. Luke tells us that the Lord laid his hands on them and healed them, and that even the demons came out crying out and recognizing who he was.
This passage highlights once again the loving character of our Lord, drawing near to those who suffer; and His authority as the Son of God.
The miracles Jesus performs are proof of His divine identity.

MEDITATE: Is it Jesus we look to at all times? Do we genuinely approach Him recognizing our need for His compassionate gaze? Do we rest and trust in who He is?

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