Jesus in Capernaum


Reading: Luke 4:31-37

Jesus teaches, He comes to bring a message, and His message has authority. So much authority that people are surprised. So much authority that even the demons recognize it and obey. Because Jesus’ authority is not only evident in what He says, but also in what He does.
Jesus is the Son of God, His Word and His Life are what He is. He is whole.
There are two things we can consider in this passage. The first is to see what Luke wants us to know. Jesus is God, the God who became man, and that is where His authority comes from. That authority is made visible in his message and the miracles he performs, and they come from his identity as the Messiah.
Secondly, we can think that our words, and our attitudes, reflect who we are (out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks). In our life there should be no divergence between what we say and what we do. In one way or another we reflect what we really are, not what we want to show.
May the grace of the Lord transform our interior, cleansing us, forming Christ in us, so that both our “saying” and our “doing” reflect Him.

MEDITATE: Do we look to Jesus as the one who can completely transform our interiority? Do we allow His Word and Spirit to work in the depths of our being?

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