“Preparing the way of the Lord”


Reading: Luke 3:1-20

Up to this point we have read about the circumstances and events surrounding the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus himself. But the time of the manifestation of all that has been said about Jesus is at hand. The Kingdom of God is near. This passage tells us about the ministry of John the Baptist and his message.
We will comment on some aspects of this passage today, and next time:

Newly there is the voice of God: for 400 years there has been silence from the Lord to Israel. There has been no prophet in all that time. All that remains is the empty ritualism of the Temple, and their attachment to the Law. And from the desert God sends his voice. A voice that breaks the silence and shakes the spirit of this nation.

John’s message: What John has to say is not pleasant, but necessary. The Kingdom of God is coming. Repent. You think you are children of God, but your hearts are far from Him. The Kingdom is coming and the way to prepare for it is through repentance. Turn to God, but not with rites, not with sacrifices, but with sincerity. With repentant hearts.

MEDITATE: Do we listen every day when the Lord moves us to repent for the sin that is in us? Or do we try to hide it in activities?

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