Dumanis Web Service

it is not unknown to anyone that we live in difficult times. Covid 19 has led us all in general to find solutions to continue sharing the gospel.
As an organization we have managed to find a way by which we can participate in the spread of the gospel through the internet. Our directors raised the need to support key ministries, churches or Christian organizations with an internet presence, which use social media but do not have a website.
So our directors put together a team, that have been working hard, to supply this tape of resource to ministries that need this. So far  we complete 9 web pages, with domain and hosting, and we have managed to support the conclusion of another 4, where the ministry supply the hosting..
With this initiative, we have been able to unite and participate together with organizations, churches, seminars, schools, radios, among others, that are bringing the good news of salvation in these countries:

1. Dominican Republic – 2 churches and 1 Seminary
2. Nicaragua – 1 Radio Station
3. Argentina – 1 Blog of devotionals and articles
4. Colombia – 1 Blog of devotionals and articles
5. El Salvador – 1 Church
6. United States – 1 Church, 1 Addiction Center, 2 Non-profit Organizations, 1 Biblical Counseling Center.

Thanks to this effort, we have been able to combine technology, knowledge and calls to the nations, making the mission of bringing the gospel to the ends of the earth a reality.

We hope soon to be able to bless a new ministry in Guatemala and praying for resources to continue blessing more ministries.