Radio Stereo Resurreccion

Radio Stereo Resurreccion was born from the need we saw to establish a radio station in FM in the city of Palacaguina, Nicaragua. 8 years ago we started with this project that involved great steps of faith. The radio became the first and only radio station in the city of Palacaguina. We had to prepare dj, build the studio, control room, transmitters stores, buy a hill, equipment, licenses and more.

Today the radio broadcasts at 105.7 fm for several cities in the north of the country. In addition, we broadcast on the web at where we reach thousands people across the globe, in countries we never think about, like EEUU, Spain, Muslim Countries. All of this, with quality shows, teaching, and christian music.

The radio, not only has been an educator, but also using this platform, we have been able to make houses for people in need, help with food, help in the construction of chapels, make evangelistic and medical crusades, technically assist local churches, support to schools and institutes, to present Christian films, concerts and promotion of national Christian singers.

The radio page has also become a tool to find teaching, our blog contains devotionals, studies, sermons and more. Our radio director is William Centeno.