September 2021 Update Newsletter

September 2021 Update Newsletter

Now In the Dominican Republic

516NOW is following God’s leading and has expanded its ministry again. If you follow our Facebook page or our website then this is not news, but for others, you may not be aware of what God is doing through 516NOW. While we have expanded into El Salvador, Colombia, Honduras and the Dominican Republic, we thought an update on our ministry in the Dominican Republic is a good place to begin the story. Jaime Blandon is our Latin America ministry director, and the new country director for the Dominican Republic. Jaime and his family moved there in October of 2019 and officially began our ministry there in March of 2020.

Jaime has been busy since his arrival and has been instrumental in reaching out and helping churches in the DR. Jaime met with Pastor Freddy Custodio who had already begun four churches and one of them needed a floor and a roof. Jaime and 516NOW assisted in raising funds to complete that church building. In addition to helping with the floor and roof of 516NOW also raised money to repair the road on which that church was located that was unusable after heavy rains.

The DR has many Haitians’ working and living there, and Jaime has been reaching out to them and providing support for them as well. Haitians provide a lot of labor for a variety of businesses in the DR, and they have their own churches separate from churches that are primarily residents of the DR. Jaime and 516NOW have reached out to the Union of Haitian Baptist Churches (11 churches) and helped organize and lead a Pastoral Leadership conference in May of this year.

Jaime’s efforts to assist the Haitian churches resulted in 516NOW beginning a microloan program supporting some of the Haitian pastors and neighborhood residents. There will be more news about that soon.

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