Oswaldo & Ester Asturias

Oswaldo Asturias was born in El Salvador, where he also lived his childhood and youth. At the age of 21, after having lived a life far from God and without purpose, he made the decision to follow and serve Christ, who by His grace allowed Oswaldo to study at the Rio Grande Bible College, where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in pastoral ministries. He has served in two high-growth churches where he was able to gain the experience and tools to plant churches, develop believers and equip leaders with a vision of the Kingdom of God. Currently, with his wife Ester and their two children, Timoteo and Santiago, they are planting a church, “LIFE TO GROW“.

Oswaldo serves as our representative in el Salvador and is responsible for all the necessary logistics of 516 Now in his country.

Ester Asturias studied her Bashellor degree in Theology at Rio Grande Bible College. Upon graduation he was part of the foundation of a theology seminar in El Salvador. After getting married, work with her husband in a church in California, USA for 5 years. She currently serves as a children’s education coordinator and leader of the Women’s Ministry in Life to Grow Church she has planted with her husband.

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