Jaime & Jacqueline Blandon

Jaime Blandon was born and raised in eastern Nicaragua. He served in the Nicaraguan Special Forces for 4 years and it was during this time he came to follow Jesus. Jaime earned a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministries at the Rio Grande Bible Collage and a MBA in business and a Master in Project Management from EUDE Business School. Jaime was a missionary for 9 years in  Nicaragua where he has helped plant three churches and found 516 Now Inc.

Jaime is married to Jacqueline, a missionary from the Dominican Republic who how is a lawyer and also graduated from the Rio Grande Bible Collage. She serves in the women’s and children’s ministries. They have two children James and Jaimeline.

Jaime serves as President of the Board of 516NOW Nicaragua and country director in Dominican Republic where tehy live now. He is also the director for Latin America, supervising, coordinating and promoting projects for our working areas.

Team Information

 Domincan Republic Director
 Age number: 45
 Phone: 809-696-8027