Mary Eliot – High School Student

I cherish my memories of Palacagüina, Nicaragua. I’ll never forget buying piglets from a man in the road there and then donating them to the pastor of the church for him to give to parishioners who could use them.

Mary Eliot

Kyle – Youth Pastor

516NOW understands that the missions landscape has changed and that it must be done through the local church and through the empowering of the local people. Relationships is the key to their success, just as Jesus intended from the beginning. As word spreads of this model and its continued success, it is obvious that other organizations will follow suit.

Kyle Parks

Claudia – Salvation Army Soldier

The experience of a lifetime!!!!. My trip to Nicaragua was liberating. Not only did I serve the most humble and beautiful people I have ever met, I had the wonderful experience to grow as a person. I conquered my fears on the Somoto River and left knowing, ‘Nothing can stand as a barrier between me and my dreams.’

Claudia Floyd

Kathryn – School Nurse

My trip to Nicaragua was life changing. Going out of the country was enriching and opened my eyes to a world that I now long to see. Serving others who don’t have the basic needs of life brings joy beyond measure. Perhaps the best part of all though was the time spent in devotion, prayer and sharing with the team at the beginning and end of each day. Their spiritual maturity and faith in action made a lasting impression on my life.


Amanda – Spanish Teacher

As a translator I get the joy of hearing story upon story of God’s faithfulness to our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua and His amazing provision. I always come away from the trip with my faith strengthened and overwhelmed that God would let me participate in His work in Nicaragua.

Amanda Coates

Jackie – College Student

I had an amazing experience in Nicaragua helping clean up the local clinic and meeting the students of the local school! I feel like I had an impact in the city of Palacagüina, but it also had a huge impact on me! I would love to redo this trip again!


Alex – “Mr. Fix-It”

If you want true guttural life change that will cause you to appreciate what God has blessed us with in America, then buckle up for what God has in store for you.


Scott-School Counselor & Board Member

For many years I considered going on a mission trip but always seemed to have a reason why I couldn’t (money, timing, etc.). Finally, my wife and I set aside all excuses and committed. Nine visits to Nicaragua later, I can only say that it has been a game-changer spiritually, maritally, and professionally.

Scott Votey

Linda – Bookkeeper

I’ve learned that even though I go to Nicaragua to work with and serve the people of Palacaquina, I witness from them what it is really like to be dependent on God.

Linda Votey

Michel – Author: The Iguana Tree

Last February my teenage daughter and I travelled to Palacaguina, Nicaragua under the auspices of 516NOW. We spent five days prepping then painting an elementary school and developing friendships with the people there. The experience touched my heart in wonderful and unexpected ways. Often I recall those dear Nicaraguans, how despite the language barrier we became friends though open hearts, willing minds, and a shared desire to work side by side to do good and spread light in this world.

Michel Stone

Bob – Operations Manager

During my most recent visit to Palacagüina, Nicaragua I was humbled to be part of an awesome team helping build a local school! I feel my small part had an impact on me the children and local people. God’s presence was all around us in blessing us, our work and allowing us the opportunity to be his hands.
I look forward serving again!


Ben – Spanish Professor

What impresses me the most about the people of Palacaguina is their faith. They may be poor in monetary possessions, but they are rich, truly rich, in faith.

Ben Coates

Neal “Pokey” – Logistics Coordinator

I have supported 516NOW since it was born. Even though I am unable to go on mission trips, I have found joy in donating goods and equipment for these trips. If you give cheerfully through Christ, I promise you will receive more back than you invested – through pictures and stories of what your money bought or supplied for those and what God has done for others less fortunate.


Daniel – Army Medic

Fantastic location and the accommodations were super awesome, wonderful life and travel abroad experience, and you’ll definitely want to go visit the area again after this trip


Dave – Professor & Board Member

Whatever I’ve given, I’ve received back in full measure – pressed down, shaken together & flowing over! Every trip has opportunities for service, making connections, reflecting, and playing. The highlight for me is always the people – the people of Palacagüina and the people on the service team. Every time I go I get to deepen old friendships, & make new ones!

Dave Marlow

The Lord really gave me a love for them

While in Palacaguina working with 516 NOW, I had the opportunity to do a lot of school ministry. I spent 3 days in the same class for 3 weeks and because of that longer amount of time, I was able to develop relationships with my students and teacher. The Lord really gave me a love for them and even the town that can only be explained by the Holy Spirit. I even had the cool opportunity to pray for my teacher one night when we saw her at a volleyball game.

Even outside of working at the school, it was so good to develop relationships with our host (we loved working with Osman!), the people we did construction for and with, and others that we encountered. It was really cool to see and be a part of how 516 NOW is practically helping people and making an impact in the community

Bailey Gillis
Adventure in Mission, World Race Team Febraury 2020