The Child Jesus in the Temple

The Child Jesus in the Temple

Reading: Luke 2:41-52

Luke tells us of an episode in the life of our Lord when he was still a child. As devout and pious as they were, Joseph and Mary go to Jerusalem for the feast of the Passover. On their way back, along with several others from Nazareth, they discover that Jesus is not with them. They return and find him in the Temple, talking with the doctors of the Law.
Let us observe in this passage some interesting questions:
The amazement of the doctors of the Law: Those who dialogue with Jesus are astonished by his questions and his answers, which demonstrate a wisdom that is not of this world (a glimpse of who this child is).
Jesus’ identity: when Mary asks him what he has been doing, Jesus’ answer (I must be about my Father’s business) demonstrates that he is fully aware of his identity and his mission.
His subjection to his parents: Jesus returns to Nazareth, to his parents, as is fitting. That is the condition of the Son of God. He became man in everything (except sinning).
Mary: notice how many times in these early chapters we are told the same thing. “Mary kept these things in her heart.” Though she worried as any mom would about not seeing Jesus with them, she knows that Her Child is the Savior (and that her heart will be pierced with grief).
Jesus grows: the child grows, in stature, but also in wisdom and grace, before men, and before the Father.

MEDITATE: Do we remember that this child, this Jesus who walked the earth, is fully man? Do we also remember that He is fully God, the God who saves?

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