The encounter between Mary and Elizabeth

The encounter between Mary and Elizabeth

Luke 1:39-45

In this passage we read about the encounter between Mary and Elizabeth. We already know that one of them has just received a visit from an angel of the Lord, while the other is pregnant (and this is already evident) also by the work of God. As we read this passage let us note some details:
With haste: the angel has told Mary that her cousin Elizabeth is pregnant. She knows of her advanced age, and that it is impossible for that to be so, and yet the angel has told her that God is doing (in her and in her cousin), the impossible. Mary wastes no time and sets out in haste. She wants to see with her own eyes what the angel has told her. And finding Elizabeth almost ready to give birth fills her with joy, and with certainty in what God has promised. God speaks, and according to His Word, He works. Always. We can be confident of that.
Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost: As soon as she heard the voice of Mary, the prophet yet to be born leaped in her mother’s womb, filled with the Holy Ghost. And it was by the Holy Spirit that Elizabeth was able to know that the child in her cousin’s womb was her Lord. Thus recognizing her humble condition and the divine identity of Jesus. Only the Spirit of God can make us also recognize Jesus as the Savior our souls need.
Blessed in believing: Elizabeth calls Mary “blessed” and now also “blessed” for having believed the Word of the Lord. We are blessed, we live firm and secure, when we rest in Him, and in the certainty of knowing that He is sovereign.

MEDITATE: Can we see how the Lord orchestrates every detail of His Son’s arrival? How He deals with Mary and Elizabeth? Doesn’t this give us confidence in His plans and His will?

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