The miracle of the catch of fishes

The miracle of the catch of fishes

Reading: Luke 5:1-11

After proclaiming his identity as the Messiah of God through his teaching and the miracles he performs, the Lord Jesus begins to be followed by many.
To avoid the crowds he asks some fishermen to allow him to teach from one of the boats. They are tired, they have been fishing all night, they have not obtained anything and they are already washing their nets.
Simon, James and John listen to Jesus teach, until at the end he asks them to go back into the water and cast their nets. What must have been going through these men’s minds? They are experienced fishermen, but they decide anyway (with little expectation) to do as Jesus asks.
Immediately their nets are filled in such a way that their hearts are filled with wonder and awe.
Who is this? Although they do not fully know that they are with the Creator of all things (only the Spirit can make us see that) they realize that this is someone special, not just a teacher.
And in the presence of the Lord two miracles occur (apart from and perhaps more important than the miraculous catch itself): they are aware of their sin, and they are called to follow the One who came to bring forgiveness.
Jesus calls them to follow Him, to become fishers of men, to be witnesses and messengers of the Kingdom of Heaven. From listening, they move on to acting, for Luke tells us that: “leaving everything, they followed him”.

MEDITATE: The transforming power of Jesus makes everything take a back seat. Are we ready to follow him?

Sebastián Winkler (169)

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