Operating Philosophy

Our Operating Philosophy has four primary aspects:


The word, “holy” signifies something that is set apart –especially something set aside for God. 516NOW has done, and will continue to do, many humanitarian activities but our aim is more holistic than simply giving aid or helping provide for temporal needs. We seek to so lift up the name and work of Jesus so that the entire community is touched by the redemptive power of Christ. We will work towards the goal of more and more people identifying as followers of Christ and the community progressively resembling the character of Christ even among people who have not yet chosen to follow Him.


A prosperous community is one where basic needs are routinely met. Those needs include but may not be limited to: adequate housing, competent health care, adequate nutrition, appropriate clothing, competent education, basic freedoms, reasonable opportunity, adequate emplment, self-sustaining income and reasonable security. While it is our desire that every person enjoy a relationship with Christ we maintain that all persons, whatever their religious beliefs, have been created by God in His image and providing adequately for their needs is the will of our Father in heaven. 516NOW will invest in projects promoting this kind of prosperity without demanding any specific religious response, believing such work in and of itself glorifies our Father in Heaven.


A community must develop internal capabilities and competencies to support itself. Any person or community dependent upon outsiders for financial or other support will always operate under a yoke of poverty. 516 NOW actively seeks to identify, engage, and support sustainable initiatives so that communities can operate independently and successfully on their own. Our city missionaries understand that they are in a temporary position, and are continually identifying community resources to develop so that their ultimate departure from the community will not disrupt or slow the community’s progress in becoming more holy and prosperous.


While 516NOW is a religious organization that always seeks to partner with Christ-centered churches, our focus is broader than any church. Although we will always seek to partner with a church or churches, it is not our intent to confine ourselves to work with or for churches. Our goal in whatever context we minister is to bring blessing to the entire community. We seek to do good works in the name of Jesus so that everyone will be drawn towards giving glory to God.