Radio Ministry

Radio Stereo Resurrección 105.7 FM – Nicaragua

Radio Stereo Resurreccion was born from the need we saw to establish an FM radio station in the city of Palacaguina, Nicaragua. Eight years ago we began this project that involved great steps of faith. We had to train announcers, build the studio and control room, purchase a transmitter and build the housing for it, buy a hill and construct a tower, purchase additional equipment for the station, acquire operating and broadcast licenses and more. The radio became the first and only radio station in the city of Palacaguina.

Today the radio broadcasts at 105.7 FM to several cities in the north of the country. In addition, we broadcast on the web at where we reach thousands people across the globe. The web broadcast reaches regions we never dreamed of reaching, including South America, Spain and across the EU, and into the Middle East. All of this, with quality shows, teaching, and Christian music.

The station not only provides quality Christian education, but we have also been able to use the station as a platform to raise money for the local community. The funds have been used to build houses for people in need, provide food, assist in the construction of chapels, sponsor evangelistic crusades and medical ministries, assist local churches with sound and technology needs, support schools and institutes, present Christian films and concerts, and promote national Christian singers.

The radio web page has also become a site to find teaching, a blog with daily devotionals, Bible studies, sermons and more. Our director of radio ministry is William Centeno.

Radio Stereo Resurrecion ONLINE – Dominican Republic

Radio Stereo Resurreccion Online is a different format that, unlike its FM version, is talk radio that broadcasts 24 hours a day offering teachings, preaching, devotionals, advice for the family and more. It was begun in 2018 with the idea of providing an online radio 24 hours a day for the entire Spanish-speaking world that needs to hear the gospel. It is managed from the Dominican Republic by our missionary Jaime Blandon.

You can listen to the radio on the website by selecting RSR Online channel. This ministry currently reaches over 18,000 people each month and continues to grow in acceptance and audience. Listeners are located all over the world.

Radio Amor y Paz 102.3 FM – Colombia
After a visit to Colombia by our director in the Dominican Republic, we began thinking and praying about establishing a radio station in the city of Valencia, where we had developed a relationship with a new congregation. In November 2020 a missionary group traveled from Santa Marta to Valencia to install the equipment. Today, the radio station is a dream come true. Radio Amor y Paz broadcasts on 102.3 FM to the city of Valencia offering  quality programming and Christ-centered music.

We are greatly encouraged to be part of the preaching of the gospel in locations around the globe, recognizing that everyone needs to hear of our Savior and His great love. The founder of Radio Amor y Paz is our partner and pastor Jacobis Aldana.