Church Planting

Expanding God Kingdom

As an organization we work primarily to strengthen local churches. We believe that the church is the center from where the mission of preaching the gospel happens.
How we support church planting:

1. Supporting spiritual and financial church planters in the areas where we work.
2. Visiting, encouraging and praying for church planters.
3. Taking mission trips to help new churches grow.
4. Supporting the new plantations with social programs.
5. and finally assisting in the purchase of property and construction of the temple.

Currently we directly support three church planters in the Dominican Republic, with programs, construction and financial support.

Indirectly we support with conferences and resources a church association that encompasses 11 church planters pastors.

Since we star operations in Nicaragua we been very intentional to support the star of new churches. By God grace in this country God allow us to seen the birth of many congregations and their establishment, being autonomous and independent churches.