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Nicaragua is a Central American country bordered by Honduras to the North, Costa Rica to the South, the Pacific Ocean to the West, and the Caribbean Sea to the East. Nicaragua was a Spanish colony from the 16th Century. It became an independent republic in 1838. Anti-government opposition led to a short civil war in 1978. There was US interference in the civic-military coalition government. Current President Daniel Ortega was elected in 2006 and has been reelected in all subsequent elections.

The current population is approximately 6,240,000. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and the poorest in Central America.

Religion plays a significant role in the lives of most Nicaraguans. However, there is no official religion. Roman Catholics represent 50% of the population and Evangelicals 33.2%, the LDS church has been growing since the 1990’s and there are enclaves on Moravian and Anglican believers on the Caribbean coast.

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Resurrection Radio

Radio Stereo Resurreccion was born from the need we saw to establish an FM radio station in the city of Palacaguina, Nicaragua. Eight years ago we began this project that involved great steps of faith. We had to train announcers, build the studio and control room, purchase a transmitter and build the housing for it, buy a hill and construct a tower, purchase additional equipment for the station, acquire operating and broadcast licenses and more. The radio became the first and only radio station in the city of Palacaguina.

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Palacaguina Christian Academy

PCA is a bilingual christian school nestled in a small, green mountainside, on the NE side of Palacaguina, Nicaragua. PCA’s initial goal upon the school’s opening in February 2017 is to educate children from pre-k to kindergarten with a planned expansion, adding a grade level every year until PCA becomes a fully operating pre-school, primary school and secondary school for the students of Palacaguina.

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Nicaragua is a country with an accelerated growth of new churches. This brings the challenge of training these new pastors in the knowledge of God’s Word.
Since 2013 God has allowed us to hold two annual conferences in this country. We have been blessed with American pastors willing to participate financially, but also teaching classes.
Thanks to these efforts we have managed to impact the lives of thousands of pastors and leaders. Tanbiem we have been able to equip them with literature, study materials, study bibles among others.

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Church Planting


As an organization we work primarily to strengthen local churches. We believe that the church is the center from where the mission of preaching the gospel happens.
In Nicaragua we star our ministry supporting the star of Resurrection Baptisp Church at today is a large congregation. Since the begining we support the star of close to 12 churches.

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Chapel Constructions

Church building is a ministry that God has used to support local churches in their development and establishment.
Due to the economic conditions of the country, it is better for a church in Nicaragua to own a property than to be under the pressure of monthly rent.
As an organization we have had the privilege of supporting congregations with the construction of their temples from scratch, in some cases the church has made progress in the construction. In other cases, the support has sat on the ceiling and electrical system.

Here some picture of chapels we help to build. Read More.



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Smiling School Kids


The primary goal of Smiling School Kids (SSK) is to honor God by supporting needy children.

Many children in the areas we serve lack money for school uniforms and even shoes. Some go to class everyday and face the embarrassment of being “different.” Others stay home or work (even at elementary age). SSK helps these children socially, academically, and spiritually.

​SSK seeks to serve the little ones, often neglected, from which the next generation comes.

Sponsor a Child Now

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Smiling Biking Kids

The Smiling School Kids program soon revealed that we had to go further, as the students also presented the transportation problem, because some walk 30 or 45 minutes to attend school.
With Smiling Biking Kids we had support children in a more comprehensive way. With this program we have been able to provide bicycles to more than 250 students. This is achieved with missionary groups that are asked to buy one bicycle per member for transportation in the city, then it will be donated to a child in the SSK program.

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Micro Loan


Our micro-finance ministry provides small loans to people wanting to start a business or those that already have a small business and want to expand. We have helped fund everything from donut shops to jewelry makers to welders and seamstresses.
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Food Relief

La Palacaguina Christian Academy not only provides education to 174 children today. Also through a partnership with ANF (American Nicaraguan Foundation), meals are currently supplied to PCA students every day, but also to students from the Tuna community.



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