Emily July – August Update

This verse has been my constant refrain over the last few months of transition. As I mentioned in my last report, I spent the summer at home transitioning from life in the Dominican Republic into a new season of attending a ministry school in Birmingham, AL.



We are thankful beyond words for your partnership in this journey. Each day I think about the work we have all engaged in and to be honest, sometimes it feels overwhelming. And it is true that often the work we do can be exhausting.


Do good, bless others

Many know the book of Ecclesiastes by either the word “meaningless” or the 1965 song Turn, Turn, Turn by
The Byrds. What intrigues me more about this jewel of scripture is not what Solomon identified as
meaningless, but rather what Solomon found to be meaningful. My favorite verse on how to get the most out
of life is found in chapter 3, verse 12. Solomon


SSK New Director

Being one of the first children in the SSK program when it began in 2012, I know firsthand the impact it can have on the future of a child.



Often, we ask ourselves this question, “How can I live a life of faithfulness.” All through the New Testament
we read of how God calls us to a life of faith and being faithful, but what does that practically mean.