Let Us Not Stumble, Let Us Live the Gospel

How do we cause our brother in the faith to stumble? With foolish and unnecessary words, with hypocritical attitudes, with our selfishness, seeking to always be right, with our obstinacy, with our pride… with all those attitudes we can harm our brother.


Lazarus the Rich Man

It is not your poverty or your wealth that determines your eternal destiny, but where your heart and your faith are set. We see how the rich man’s heart was so attached to his possessions that he was not even able to sympathize with his brother’s needs. And now he sees the fruit of his idolatry.


The Son Who Comes Home

Isn’t this story a beautiful invitation to return to the Father? Is there a more captivating image than the father who runs to receive his lost son and rejoices in such a way to see him come home?
The Gospel of the Kingdom is an invitation to come home, to return to the Father. Those who have rebelled, those who have walked away, are invited to turn back to God.


A Lost Coin

In this passage, Jesus is teaching something that the Pharisees struggle to comprehend. The Holy God, the Creator of all things, insistently and lovingly seeks out the sinners.


The “Lost” Sheep

The Gospel helps us understand that we are all that lost sheep, that the Shepherd went out seeking us with so much determination that He went to the cross to save us. The Gospel tells us of the joy that there is in Heaven for each sheep that is found.