Church Building in Nicaragua

Resurrection Church



The church building was constructed from the ground up by the combined efforts of MANY people and God’s grace

Church Walls


Folks from Palacaguina erected the walls while a 516NOW team helped add the roof and the electrical system. Contributions from other individuals and churches helped bring the project to completion.

View from Hill


This is stage one of the church as seen from the hill behind. Part of the town is visible to the left.



As the congregation has grown, so has the church! Despite the recent addition of a two story classroom, more room is needed.

El Jocote Church

Builders of El Jocote Church

Some projects have unique stories. The temple of Jocote is one. The church had raised funds to replace the adobe temple that was about to fall on them. They raised funds for 20 long years and because of the poverty of the place they had only gathered for the foundation.
The pastor visited us to tell us the story. We carried the desire to help the resurrection church, which had grown greatly. They, with great courage, raised the first materials to begin the construction of the walls.

God put in the way, brothers who also helped with work. The churches of the city also joined sending brothers builders to work. It was beautiful to see 8 pastors working for the advancement of the gospel. It only took 6 days to complete the construction, with a group of 25 brothers.

Today the church is finished, it is the only church in the community, they have the largest building and the church of Jocote, in their poverty they continue preaching Jesus Christ, taking the Gospel to the end of the earth.

In the video, singing Pastor Leonel Espinoza of the King of Kings Church, with brother Reinaldo Iglesias of the Resurrection Church, sitting brother Carlos Martinez of the Pentecostal Church with the guiro brother Juan Ramon Vallecillo of the Resurrection Church. In the bass one of the brothers of the local church and brother Jaime Blandon in the recording.
The joy of serving the Lord is evident in the brothers.

Los Arados Church

The construction of the Los Arados temple resembles Jocote. The brothers worked and saved money for construction, which began by faith for not having much cash. The director of the radio brother William Centeno went to help in the construction and realized that there were no more funds.

Again we motivate the Resurrection Church and God again opened the doors of heaven. We managed to help them in the conclusion of the walls, installation of the ceiling, electrical system and floor. Again many pastors and churches joined in helping with their work.

Today we use the temple for the discipleship groups of our Smiling School Kids program. Each week about 30 children receive Bible teaching on a tour of the entire Bible.

The congregation has grown and they are still the only evangelical congregation of the community and the temple is the largest building in the place. God has reached many people through this congregation, we thank our Lord and Savior for this blessing of be part of his kingdon.


Body of Christ Church

The body of Christ church is a congregation located in Pueblo Nuevo, pastor Aristides Matey is its founder. For many years the brother has been our contact in the area to organize pastoral conferences and mission trips.

As a ministry we have invested some financial support and we have also sent groups of missionaries to help them in the construction of this beautiful temple.

In the photos you can see where the church meets and how the temple is going. Today they need the funds to finish installing the roof as well as the electrical system. If you are interested in supporting this project, contact us.

Church of Christ

Fotos and info coming soon.

Church Building in DR

Lighthouse Church

In March of 2019, with the arrival of brother Jaime Blandon to begin the work of 516 Now in DR, star the beginning of a relationship that we wish is extended until God allows it with the Lighthouse Church.

At the recommendation of Pastor Aristides Matey we set out to meet Pastor Freddy Custodio. Brother Freddy is a well-known man in his community, Tamarindo 2. He has managed to establish 4 churches without foreign help.

He currently leads the four, but pastored the Lighthouse Church 4. As an organization we have identified Tamarindo 2 as one of our key communities to develop.

Since the beginning of our relationship, we have been able to develop some projects, including the construction of a water cistern, which allows them to save and then help the community with this scarce liquid in the neighborhood.

We have also invested in the construction of the temple. Currently, we are in the search of 4000.00 dollars for the installation of the roof and floor of this church.

This building will be where the local congregation meets, but it will also be the center from where we will develop our programs, conferences, SSK, Micro Financial Program, discipleship among others.

Lighthouse Church Roof Project

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.