Philippians Rejoice

In this letter, Paul is going to show, more than anything, joy. It is a joy that does not come from the circumstances of life, but rather from knowing that you are close to Christ.


The Story is NOT Over

Because He is coming, we know that the evil of this world will end. Because He is coming, we know that our own struggle with the sin that dwells in our hearts will end. Because He is coming we do not cling to this world and its passing things. Because He will come we have hope, sense, direction, purpose…


Without a Doubt

It is true that it is not easy to believe that Jesus has risen. Jesus’ disciples themselves doubted. But as they see him, touch him, and spend time with him, their hearts are filled with an unalterable conviction. When we look at the history of the church, and what happened with those who were witnesses to the resurrection of Christ; we see many dying for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus.


He is Risen! We Have Seen Him!

It is God who opens the eyes of the disciples so that they can see and understand the wonder of what is before their eyes. Jesus opened their eyes to the Scriptures. He showed them how He is revealed through the Bible. And then, He allows them to recognize Him.


Sadness, Surprise, Joy

Perhaps it’s worth mentioning the detail that Luke points out. The disciples do not believe in what the women say. It’s hard for them to believe it, even after having seen the Lord resurrect others. But Peter decides to go to the grave. In his heart there is still sadness for denying Jesus. Will he receive another opportunity?