Experience in Nicaragua

Experience in Nicaragua

During my month here in Palacagüina, I’ve seen the Lord show up in so many amazing ways. The Holy Spirit is so unified between all of us, even though the language may be different. We started off this month by helping Pastor David with construction at his church.

During this project, we got to connect with so many amazing people from the construction workers to the people that lived near the church. You can feel Jesus surrounding the property.

The next ministry we had the opportunity to work with was at another church with the children. We helped prepare them for the beginning of school which was an amazing experience!

Then we helped with a women’s event where Jesus flooded the place. At the women’s event, we had the opportunity to wash their feet as Jesus did for the disciples and then the women offered to was ours. The Lord’s love was very present all day.

We had the opportunity to do many prayer walks and help in the kitchen which was so awesome to learn from Dane. Everyday the Lord showed us something new and incredible.

Despite any illnesses or injuries that came upon us, we had such an amazing family here to help us in whatever way they can. I know that I can always come back to Palacagüina and be welcomed with open arms. Everyone’s love for Jesus is so prominent here.

Kellie Schlangen, World Race Team January 2020

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