516NOW is hoping to resume short-term mission trips this fall.

If you have any interest at all, please contact Scott Votey at [email protected] or 240-506-7233.

“The people of the town, they often ask me ‘Why do these people come here to work with us? What’s in it for them?And I answer ‘They come because they love Jesus, and that makes them want to help others!’ You guys coming opens doors and hearts to the gospel message!”

Jaime Blandon, 516NOW Nicaragua

Why Take a Trip?

  1. God commands us to go into all the world… (Mark 16:15)

  2. Human moral principles require us to help people in need

  3. Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian teachings all agree that, “in giving, we receive.”

  4. Sending money and goods to people in need may assuage your moral compass, but it won’t affect you at a deep level. Traveling to provide direct service to people in need will.

  5. Sending money and goods to people in need may alleviate suffering temporarily, but handouts are typically not healthy. People willing to travel to under-served communities show love by being directly involved with the people who live there and are more likely to produce lasting effects.

  6. Completing a meaningful project (providing medical/dental care, constructing or refurbishing a building, etc.) brings immense personal satisfaction

  7. Humanitarian service trips are bonding experiences for participants.

  8. Trips typically include nightly opportunities for group discussion and reflection on the day’s activities which maximize bonding and personal growth

  9. Trips typically include one “FUN DAY” of tourism and shopping in beautiful Nicaragua, El Salvador our Dominican Republic.

  10. Many group members form long-term relationships fed by repeated trips and enhanced by regular communication in “between” times.

OK, I’m convinced. How do I start?

Consider joining a service trip OR organizing your own! So far trips have consisted of church groups, school groups (high school, Christian & secular colleges), and friends with a shared purpose. Retirees often find this kind of service meaningful and trips made up exclusively of retirees are welcome!

516NOW provides everything you need to help wonderful and economically challenged people.  We know the needs of the community.  We know the city leaders.  We know the hotels, restaurants, and ground transportation. We also know all sightseeing attractions from very adventurous to gorgeous and gentle. We want to help you.           Contact Us

There are so many needs, everyone can find a meaning-filled and much needed way to help. We’ve provided a list of possible projects below. If you have different skills and would like to put them to use, Let us know!

A trip might focus on one project or combine several to widen the scope of service for team members.

8 Day (Saturday to Saturday) Option

Day 1: (Often Saturday) Depart USA. Arrive Managua, Nicaragua.

            Travel by bus to Palacagüina.

Day 2: (Often Sunday) Attend a church service
(optional, but great experience).
Get familiar with Palacagüina & people.

Days 3-6: ~ 6:30AM     Breakfast
~ 8:00AM     Start project(s)

.                ~ 12:00PM    Lunch on site or in town

                 ~ 5:00PM      Finish day’s work

                 ~ 6~7:30PM  Dinner/Freetime/Fellowhip

                 ~ 7:30-9PM   Reflection & Sharing

Day 7: Fun Day. Sightseeing. Shopping. Food. Fun. Fellowship.
Overnight in Managua.

Day 8: Depart Managua, Arrive USA.

Day 9: Remember, Reflect. Share with family & friends.
Plan return trip!

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