Great hosts

Great hosts

My name is Meghan Mosher and I had a wonderful time with 516now ministry! I loved serving in Palacaguina, Nicaragua with my team and with the kind-hearted people of Nicaragua. We stayed with William and Daniela and their daughter for 3 weeks. Staying with them and talking to Osman and his beautiful family was amazing! The language barrier was not an issue; I loved Osman’s charades! We understood each other well with a little previous knowledge of each other’s language and the occasional google translate.

We had a wonderful variety of work for the 9 of us in our 3 weeks from construction to helping in the school PCA and going to Saturday night youth group or different things at church. I love those people, those kids, those relationships we formed so much. We had such great hosts who made us feel appreciated, yet let us rest when we needed it. They genuinely care about us and noticed if we were a little bit off and gave us encouragement. We may have been doing God’s work in Palacaguina, but they were always doing God’s work in their town and it was such a blessing to see Christ in them.

We came to serve them, and they ended up serving us and showing us how to best serve their community. It was beautiful. We also felt very safe. Osman rode us everywhere we needed to be, even when we weren’t serving. When Osman found out we walked to town he offered to give us rides there (not because of safety reasons but because of genuine care for us). We felt God’s love to us so well, from everyone in Palacaguina with 516now ministry. We love them and I would love to come back to serve with 516now ministries again in Nicaragua.

Thank you for this experience! Who we worked with was a huge reward for doing God’s work and we felt loved and cared for in everything we did and saw others do.

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