Jesus in Nazareth (1)


Reading: Luke 4:16-30

What has the Messiah come to do?

To bring good news to the poor, to reach out to those who have nothing, to the rejected, the oppressed, the vile and despised, for them the good news has come.
Heal the brokenhearted, the humiliated, the abandoned, the abandoned, the suffering, the disillusioned, they will be healed.
To proclaim liberty to the captives, the captives of pain and sin, those oppressed by empty religion, for them the Messiah brings deliverance.
Give sight to the blind, to the lost, the confused, the aimless, the visionless and purposeless, the worthless, they shall behold Him who is the Light of the World.
To set at liberty the oppressed, to break the chains of those who suffer opprobrium and violence, those who suffer the abuse of the powerful, shall know the true meaning of freedom.
Proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, the time when every slave regains his freedom, where the lost is regained, debts are forgiven. God’s jubilee for humanity, which the jubilee of the law announced and prefigured.

This is the Gospel. Who? me, says Jesus. When? today. Today.

MEDITATE: Is Jesus our freedom? Are we aware of our need for a Messiah who frees us, forgives us, reconciles us with God?

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