John, an extraordinary child


Reading: Luke 1:57-66

A series of striking and miraculous events surround John’s birth.
The mother: Elizabeth, because of her age, surprised everyone by becoming pregnant, and when her son was born, her neighbors marveled and rejoiced with her when they heard about it.
The father: Zechariah has become mute, and when the child is born and presented to the temple for circumcision, it is necessary to give him a name. Since he cannot speak, they want to call him Zechariah. The mother says that his name should be John (a surprise to everyone) and Zechariah confirms it in writing. The surprise and wonder of all increases then, seeing how Zechariah, after confirming the name, recovers his speech and bursts into praises to the Lord. It is evident that this child is not just any child.
John, born in extraordinary circumstances: The last two verses of the passage show us how these events, because of their uniqueness, produce awe and amazement throughout the region, as they spread throughout the mountains of Judea.
All these events have one purpose: to generate in the people the question: “Who is this child?”. God prepares, in this way, the task that John is going to perform. God is with him. For his mission will be to prepare the hearts of the people to receive Jesus.

MEDITATE: In what ways has God prepared our lives, through whom, to receive Jesus? Do we remember that even in the smallest details, if the hand of the Lord is not with us, we are lost?

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