Forgive Them

Jesus has given us a wonderful example of forgiveness and love. Let us imitate Him. But above all, don’t forget to be surprised by the depth of Christ’s love for us. While He was rejected and mocked, He prayed… “Forgive them, for they do not know what…


The Walk to the Cross

Jesus is led to the cross, to death. The Jewish leaders have fulfilled their goal. But as I read this passage I am amazed to see how Jesus affects the lives of those who share, in some way, his journey to the cross.


Those Who Reject Jesus

The two rulers who appear on the scene do not want to be responsible for the death of Jesus (his innocence and authority are evident). The truth, however, is that no one can remain indifferent to Jesus.


The Frailty of the Wicked

Herod and Pilate were distanced, but end up being friends. Pilate does not want to condemn Jesus. His innocence is so obvious, even to this evil man. But for him, the most important thing is to maintain his status.