Two new radio stations

Two new radio stations

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Nine years ago in Nicaragua we began to dream of a radio station. At that time, we were installing the tower and the antenna that, two years later, would be used to transmit the Radio Stereo Resurrección signal. This project was one of the most incredible in which we have participated. So many things were needed, it was practically impossible: energy, a hill, buildings, equipment, personnel, operating permits and more. Many of you know the story, a project was developed that energized an entire neighborhood, a building was built and God supplied everything.


Today, with an audience of 1,200 people a day on FM and about 12,000 on the internet monthly, we have once again been moved by the God of the impossible. Today we are working hard with our partners for the launch of two new radio stations, one that will reach the city of Valencia in Colombia through FM and the world through the web. The second will use the web to bring the first sound teaching to the Haitian people – both in Haiti and the DR. This online station will be located in Bani, DR and will be managed by our director on the island.


We never thought that we could even see the first one because of the challenges that were presented to us in Nicaragua. However, today we are about to install  the transmitter and antenna of radio Paz y Amor (Peace and Love) in Colombia and we could not be more happy with this blessing and seeing the hand of God move in this place where we have been helping to establish a church for two years.


In the DR,Radio Reconciliation will go on the air in a few weeks and will have the support of 11 haitians pastors in DR who will collaborate to supply the teachings, sermons and personnel that will reach the Haitian community on both sides of the island. It will be a blessing to start training and preparing a group of brothers who, with God’s favor, could be the necessary personnel to one day start an FM radio station in Creole. Can you imagine the challenge, a radio in Creole in DR?


As we learned in Nicaragua, nothing is easy, there are always challenges, adverse circumstances, things that had not been thought of, missing equipment, tests, and discouragement.  But, as in everything that defines the Christian life, our encouragement and strength comes from knowing that it is not our work, our strength or abilities that will make this come true. It is the powerful hand of God who moves mountains, provides resources, opens doors, sends provision and achieves the impossible, so that everyone may hear of his Great Love shown by his son Jesus on a cross.


Please pray. God has already sent the resources for the team in Colombia. Now, we are working to ensure  a safe transfer of equipment and proper installation. Radio Reconciliation is already playing for the Haitian community, but we are working on programming, a website and also the construction of a small broadcasting studio. Pray that God will continue to  provide for His glorious work.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Jaime Blandon (14)

Jaime Blandon was born and raised in eastern Nicaragua. He served in the Nicaraguan Special Forces for 4 years and it was during this time he came to follow Jesus. Jaime earned a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministries at the Rio Grande Bible Collage and a MBA in business and a Master in Project Management from EUDE Business School. Jaime was a missionary for 9 years in Nicaragua where he has helped plant three churches and found 516 Now Inc.

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